• Reasons Why Companies Hire A New Cleaning Company

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  • Crystal Building Awards

    Crystal Building Awards

    The relationships that a company has with both their customers, as well as with their community is so important, and is oftentimes a great sense of pride. Recognizing these relationships is essential, which is why celebrations like the Crystal Building Awards came to be, and is a valuable part of the process of rewarding customers Read more

  • The difference between being a partner vs a vendor.

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    Being a partner it means that you are flexible to their needs, their request changing times within their company you know anticipating what their needs are going to be you’re having your weekly meetings to understand projects coming up instead of waiting until something happens and then you’re trying to fix it. Read more

  • Is Your Janitorial Company Proactive or Reactive?

    Is Your Janitorial Company Proactive or Reactive?

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    So many times with janitorial services they wait till the complaints come in instead of doing your inspections, meeting with your customers understanding what the hot spots are in the building. You know you have proactive or you’re going to get in trouble. I would recommend if someone is having trouble with our janitorial service I Read more


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