Back to the Office? Here’s How to Stay Safe & Keep it Clean!

Back to the Office? Here’s How to Stay Safe & Keep it Clean!

Though COVID-19 continues to slam countries around the globe, in the United States vaccines have allowed us to safely resume many of our favorite public pastimes and work life. Now more than ever, keeping your office environment safe is extremely important for the health of your clients and for your employees. 

Whether you’re eagerly anticipating reunions with favorite coworkers or worried that cubicle life post-COVID-19 may not be entirely safe, here are some of the considerations that you should have when handling your office environment during the pandemic.

Hard Surfaces & High-Touch Areas

Highly trafficked areas like entrances, countertops, meeting rooms, and any other shared space can become highly dangerous areas for your staff and clients. It is essential that these areas are addressed on a regular basis to reduce the spread of COVID-19. It is best to bring in a professional team of cleaning specialists to disinfect and clean these areas, but it is also essential to clean them in between professional cleanings as well. To ensure that your office remains safe and clean, you should have your staff address the following:

  • Wipe down doorknobs and doors including the entrance doors and any doors that may be used throughout the day.
  • Ensure kitchen countertops and appliances are wiped down after each use.
  • Desks, tables, and chairs in conference rooms should be wiped down after they are used.
  • Elevator doors and buttons should be routinely wiped down with disinfectant.

As a general rule of thumb, if you’re not sure whether or not something should be wiped down, it is best to simply do it. These cleaning tasks can easily be worked into the daily routine of your employees to ensure that everyone who interacts with your business stays safe. Additionally, handling these items on a regular basis will ensure the work done by professional cleaners is maintained in between cleanings.

Expert Office Cleaning Provides Peace of Mind

Ensuring your office is clean and safe requires much more than simply wiping high-touch areas down. A professional cleaning company goes far beyond that by incorporating fogging and electrostatic spraying to sanitize your environment. When we are finished cleaning your office, we will also provide you with a certificate of completion as well as videos to ensure flawless compliance and security. You can use these official items to put your workforce and your clients at ease. They’ll know that the space they’re in has been addressed thoroughly so that they can focus on the work they need to do and not the fear of getting sick.

Whether you’re looking to hire a cleaning company for your office, or you’re in need of a company that can handle your entire campus, AHI is your COVID-19 cleaning partner. We have a team of highly trained cleaning experts who will get the job done with precision and a customer service team that is ready to answer any question you may have. If you’re ready to keep your office safe, or you just have a question for our staff, contact us today.

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