Background Screening & Cleaning – Is Your Facility Safe?

Background Screening & Cleaning – Is Your Facility Safe?

The facility services industry doesn’t always get the best rap.

Every business needs to keep clean and the booming cleaning industry has attracted both legal and non-legal entities. If you don’t hire a vetted, professional commercial cleaning company that does not subcontract, you could be hiring a company with illegal workers that skirts tax laws.

When you hire a cleaning company that does not properly vet employees, you are doing more than working with an illegitimate business. You are also getting less than you pay for, as it’s unlikely workers are properly trained on cleaning techniques, chemical uses, safety best practices and more. It increases room for error, theft, damage of expensive or delicate equipment, and legal ramifications.  

Think about it. When you hire employees for your business, you complete a thorough interview and run background checks. Why would you trust any contracted business that doesn’t do the same? You need to protect yourself, your employees and your customers by doing your due diligence.

Keep your facility safe by asking these questions before hiring a janitorial services company:

  • Ask about their hiring process. How thorough are the interviews? 
  • Do they conduct background checks? 
  • Do they subcontract?
  • Do they have adequate commercial insurance?
  • What’s turnover like? 

When you hire a commercial cleaning company that does everything by the book, it shows. Every clean is a quality clean as workers have quality products and are professionally trained. There are plenty of quality facility services business you can trust, and a little extra time during the vetting process helps ensure you choose one.  

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