• Should Holiday Commercial Cleaning Really Be Any Different?

    Should Holiday Commercial Cleaning Really Be Any Different?

    • 704

    When it comes to holidays and long weekends, facility cleaning might seem complicated. Do you scale back on cleaning because there are less people in the office? Or amp it up due to holiday treats, parties and flu season? For some businesses, like worship and retail facilities, these special occasions mean higher… Read more

  • How Long is Your Cleaning Learning Curve?

    How Long is Your Cleaning Learning Curve?

    • 657

    When it comes to facilities services, how long does a company need to be in business to be up to speed with the requirements of your facility? A company that’s been in business for longer isn’t necessarily better, but there are a lot of advances they can make over time spent being in business. Depending Read more

  • Coronavirus and Your Building

    Coronavirus and Your Building

    • 692

    You most likely did not know the name coronavirus until very recently when it came to the forefront of world news as a dangerous illness that had become a public health emergency starting in China. Thousands of people have fallen ill and 900 people in mainland China have died since the outbreak began.  What… Read more

  • Background Screening & Cleaning – Is Your Facility Safe?

    Background Screening & Cleaning – Is Your Facility Safe?

    • 696

    The facility services industry doesn’t always get the best rap. Every business needs to keep clean and the booming cleaning industry has attracted both legal and non-legal entities. If you don’t hire a vetted, professional commercial cleaning company that does not subcontract, you could be hiring a company with… Read more

  • Flu Season & Your Building

    Flu Season & Your Building

    • 671

    It leaves a wave of decreased productivity in businesses. Most people hear “flu season” and tend to think the inevitable is upon them but preventing the flu and containing flu outbreaks in your business is possible. You need to have a prevention plan in place and a reliable facility services partner to prevent… Read more

  • Benefits of Using a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

    • 583

    There’s clean and then there’s clean. Which do you want your business to be?  Most business owners want the latter, considering “92% of Americans say cleanliness of a business is an important factor when deciding to become repeat customers,” according to a study done by Ipsos. It’s easy to think keeping… Read more

  • Production rates in your facility, how is this affecting you?

    Production rates in your facility, how is this affecting you?

    • January 15, 2020
    • in News
    • 637

    Does your commercial cleaning company seem to spend more time than necessary cleaning your facility? Are they cleaning during business hours or after hours? A facility services provider not cleaning according to reasonable production times ultimately costs you more money and disruption. Learn if your cleaning company… Read more

  • New Year, New Cleaning Company?

    New Year, New Cleaning Company?

    • January 8, 2020
    • in News
    • 627

    The new year is a time for a fresh start. People make resolutions, drop bad habits and set goals for the year. Similarly, the new year is an ideal time to evaluate any changes that need to be made in your business. Keeping your business clean and safe is one of the top factors in Read more

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