• Responsiveness to a Pandemic

    Responsiveness to a Pandemic

    As businesses across America deal with the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting their practice, they continue to make efforts to keep their businesses safe. As some decided to conduct work completely remote, other businesses are finally starting to head back into their offices. Businesses need to prepare when it comes to the risks of Read more

  • How is Returning to School Affecting your Facility

    Now more than ever, we have you in mind. As we ease into the not-so-new ‘normal,’ more and more precautions need to be taken so that students can learn and staff can operate without raising the risk of spreading COVID-19. There are a number of steps schools can and should take to stay safe. Some Read more

  • How Social Distancing Impacts Cleaning

    How Social Distancing Impacts Cleaning

    The ongoing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of proper cleaning, and to gain and keep the trust of your occupants, you will need to meet or surpass those standards. Your employees’ and occupants’ health has changed how the commercial cleaning process is done and how seriously it’s taken. Our mission… Read more

  • Create a COVID-Free Environment with the Protect98 System

    Modern Solutions Here at AHI Facility Services Inc., your business’s health and safety are our top priorities. We are staying up to date on the most modern and advanced health technologies to bring to our customers in these unprecedented times.  The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world interacts. Face masks are a requirement Read more

  • The Hottest Commodity: Disinfectant Wipes

    Aren’t you glad that you can finally find toilet paper in stores? The mad rush that had everyone scrambling at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic is finally leveling off in that regard. However, disinfectant wipes are a different story. These have remained out of stock on most shelves and even on amazon. If you Read more

  • What are Essential Services?

    What are Essential Services?

    Coronavirus is the name on everyone’s lips this Spring, and of course we all wish it wasn’t. Also known as COVID-19, this disease has become a global pandemic. Everyone in America is encouraged to do their part in minimizing the spread of the virus by staying home unless absolutely necessary.  In this time when COVID-19 Read more

  • How to Prepare Your Facility for the Coronavirus

    How to Prepare Your Facility for the Coronavirus

    What is the Coronavirus? The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is becoming a growing public health threat for the United States. The virus, which emerged in China late last year, has infected more than 89,000 people globally, killing 3,000. Spread across at least 12 states, there are now 90 reported cases of the illness in the US Read more

  • How Long is Your Cleaning Learning Curve?

    How Long is Your Cleaning Learning Curve?

    When it comes to facilities services, how long does a company need to be in business to be up to speed with the requirements of your facility? A company that’s been in business for longer isn’t necessarily better, but there are a lot of advances they can make over time spent being in business. Depending Read more

  • Coronavirus and Your Building

    Coronavirus and Your Building

    You most likely did not know the name coronavirus until very recently when it came to the forefront of world news as a dangerous illness that had become a public health emergency starting in China. Thousands of people have fallen ill and 900 people in mainland China have died since the outbreak began.  What is Read more

  • Background Screening & Cleaning – Is Your Facility Safe?

    Background Screening & Cleaning – Is Your Facility Safe?

    The facility services industry doesn’t always get the best rap. Every business needs to keep clean and the booming cleaning industry has attracted both legal and non-legal entities. If you don’t hire a vetted, professional commercial cleaning company that does not subcontract, you could be hiring a company with illegal workers that skirts tax… Read more