Crystal Building Awards

Crystal Building Awards

The relationships that a company has with both their customers, as well as with their community is so important, and is oftentimes a great sense of pride. Recognizing these relationships is essential, which is why celebrations like the Crystal Building Awards came to be, and is a valuable part of the process of rewarding customers for their dedication and hard work.

The Crystal Building Awards recognizes customers who are in the 95th percentile in categories like quality control, safety, cleanliness of their building and other key points, and celebrates them in an annual ceremony. It’s a chance to make a big deal out of customer efforts, to show them that they are appreciated and that our partnership is valuable and beneficial. These customers are invited to come and experience our hospitality in a positive way, and we are both able to celebrate our partnership. After receiving a reward, many customers respond with a speech about how and why the partnership is valuable to them, which is a great reminder about how each side works with the other for a common goal. The award ceremony is changed up a bit each year so it stays fresh, but the theme is still the same: to recognize and celebrate those who excel, and to remember that together we are better.

In addition to customer relations, community relations is also very important. Working with charities like the local food bank, as well as Taylor’s Gift, a charity associated with organ donation, fosters the opportunity to give back. Community members that take advantage of the services the food bank provides benefit from the efforts that are put out, and the result is positive for everyone involved. Assisting with Taylor’s Gift Foundation is a chance to “regift life” to those who need it most – individuals seeking a new organ(s) so that they may continue to live or start living their lives more fully. This charity continues to grow and is a great source of pride for all involved. Being able to provide positive changes for the local community is incredibly rewarding.

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