Flu Season & Your Building

Flu Season & Your Building

It leaves a wave of decreased productivity in businesses. Most people hear “flu season” and tend to think the inevitable is upon them but preventing the flu and containing flu outbreaks in your business is possible. You need to have a prevention plan in place and a reliable facility services partner to prevent the rampant spread of influenza in your building.

How the Flu Effects Americans & Businesses
Flu season tends to peak December-February, but it can start as early as October and end as late as May. According to the CDC, between 5-20 percent of American’s catch the flu each season for a total impact of 17 million missed workdays and $7 billion lost in productivity annually. Babies, seniors, pregnant women and people with health conditions like asthma, heart disease or diabetes are the most at risk, but the flu affects all ages.

Preventing Influenza in Your Building
Communication and support to employees are key to a successful flu prevention strategy. Be sure your employees are aware of the flu vaccination and flu prevention best practices and encourage them to read the CDC’s tips for preventing the spread of the flu. Small changes like regularly sanitizing high-touch surfaces, coughing into your arm and staying away from others if you suspect you have the flu go a long way in preventing an outbreak. Make sanitation easier for everyone by adding hand sanitizer and Clorox wipe stations throughout the building. In addition, get serious about sending sick employees home at the first sign of flu symptoms. Employees should be confident that it’s okay to miss work when they are sick.

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is the most effective way to prevent the flu in your building. If you already have a janitorial services partner, increase the frequency of cleanings and ask them about their flu-prevention specific cleaning practices. Ultimately, flu prevention in your building is a team effort. Working with your commercial facility services partner and employees to prevent the spread of influenza will enable you to have minimum disruptions to productivity and health in your building this flu season. 

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