How Can Your Janitorial Company Help with LEED Certification?

How Can Your Janitorial Company Help with LEED Certification?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, is recognized as the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Earning a LEED Certification label involves a dedicated team working together to maintain a building’s energy efficiency and sustainability.

Pursuing and managing a LEED Certification requires a strong relationship between the facility manager and the commercial janitorial staff. Together they contribute behind the scenes to implement many of the practices necessary for the LEED designation. An experienced commercial janitorial staff can help the building meet the criteria for the LEED Certification in Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance.

A commercial janitorial staff can support the LEED Certification in Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance initiative by supporting the following areas:
Using Green Cleaning products, materials and equipment
Managing waste removal, including a recycling program
Conserving water
Initiating and maintaining an indoor integrated pest management (IPM) plan

Important Qualifications

A commercial janitorial company that has at least one LEED accredited professional on staff positions them as a valuable asset to facility managers. Most notably, they can train their employees to meet the building’s needs to comply with LEED standards. This saves the facility manager time and money.

A commercial janitor can train to be a LEED Green Associate which means they have basic knowledge of sustainability principles as well as the LEED project credit categories. The commercial janitorial staff can also provide documentation that supports their compliance with LEED Certification.

Tools of the Trade

The facility manager and commercial janitorial staff must follow strict guidelines to obtain and maintain the LEED certification. A complete list can be found at, however some of the janitorial equipment requirements include:

  • Vacuum cleaners certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute “Green Label” Testing Program
  • Active micro fiber technology to reduce cleaning chemical consumption and prolong life of disposable scrubbing pads.
  • Automated scrubbing machines should be equipped with variable-speed feed pumps to optimize the use of cleaning fluids
  • Battery-powered equipment that uses environmentally preferable gel batteries
  • Ergonomically-designed equipment that minimizes vibration, noise and user fatigue

The commercial janitorial staff provides an essential role in maintaining the operations and maintenance of a building, particularly during the building’s quest for LEED Certification. All details are evaluated from the documentation of their daily procedures to their impact on the utility and water bills.

The LEED Certification takes initiative, planning and dedication. Building owners highly value the LEED distinction for their properties. And every day, facility managers appreciate the value of the commercial janitorial staff that helps them obtain the certification.

Can your commercial janitorial service LEED the way?

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