How is Returning to School Affecting your Facility

Now more than ever, we have you in mind. As we ease into the not-so-new ‘normal,’ more and more precautions need to be taken so that students can learn and staff can operate without raising the risk of spreading COVID-19. There are a number of steps schools can and should take to stay safe. Some of these include:

  • Space desks 3 to 6 feet apart, avoid close contact with students and use face coverings when necessary.
  • Staff should limit in-person meetings with other adults and avoid areas such as staff lounges.
  • If possible, schools should use outdoor or larger spaces, like gymnasiums, to help separate students.
  • Have students eat lunch in their classrooms or outdoors
  • Leave classroom doors open to help reduce high touch surfaces

What’s your plan?

Reducing the risk of exposure by cleaning and disinfection is an integral part of keeping our families safe and keeping public spaces open. However, it will require careful planning. Through social distancing and preventive habits — such as washing your hands and wearing masks — we have all been trying to slow the spread of the virus.

A proper and more frequent cleaning protocol in your facility will reduce the risk of spreading infection by removing and killing germs on surfaces people frequently touch. Here are a few more ways you can implement in your school and everyday life:

  • Discuss possible obstacles that come with frequent cleanings, like time consumption or being short-staffed, and a solution for each with staff members.
  • Ensure your staff is adequately trained on the new protocols, the ever-changing situation at hand, and how to handle sensitive situations. 
  • Confirm that your staff uses high-quality products and the appropriate PPE that follow CDC guidelines and recommendations.
  • Develop a schedule for increased cleaning and disinfection, whether it’s between classes or after each day. Plan to frequently clean high-touch objects like doorknobs, handrails, or water fountains throughout the day.

Returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic will require full support from every student, parent, and staff member to ensure all parties can stay safe, healthy, and happy.

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