How Social Distancing Impacts Cleaning

How Social Distancing Impacts Cleaning

The ongoing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of proper cleaning, and to gain and keep the trust of your occupants, you will need to meet or surpass those standards. Your employees’ and occupants’ health has changed how the commercial cleaning process is done and how seriously it’s taken.

Our mission is to provide cost-effective world-class integrated facility services while simultaneously providing their employees and visitors a clean, safe environment to work and visit. These goals are at the center of our work every step of the way. With that in mind, we have decided to follow the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines and recommendations on the steps we can take to help prevent the spread of the virus within our own team and onsite at our client facilities. 

So how are we staying efficient and expedient when these guidelines, like social distancing, are in place? Aside from emphasizing everyday preventative measures and close monitoring of our staff, here are a few steps that are taken to ensure compliance while achieving the same level of cleanliness in a timely manner:

  • Using high-quality cleaning products and service with our TouchPoint Facility Cleanings
  • Wearing the proper PPE, like KN95 masks, gloves, and disposable coveralls to prevent any direct contact
  • Washing hands, using sanitizer, and changing masks or gloves in between cleanings
  • Mapping out a cleaning plan so our employees can cover more ground without working over each other
  • Establish a process for routine wipe downs of high-touch areas throughout the day, including bathrooms, door handles, and gathering areas like meeting rooms, break rooms, and kitchens.
  • Cleaning & sanitizing our equipment constantly and making sure sanitizer is available at all times
  • Continue to encourage social distancing with signs, floor markers and by rearranging work areas
  • When communicating with the team, make sure they understand the difference between clean, sanitize, disinfect, and sterilization and a process to enforce for each

Using our proven, quality controlled cleaning methods, we’ll provide you with peace of mind during these times of uncertainty. Contact us to learn more about how we are handling the COVID-19 pandemic and the high level of performance that you will receive when working with us.

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