Production rates in your facility, how is this affecting you?

Production rates in your facility, how is this affecting you?

Does your commercial cleaning company seem to spend more time than necessary cleaning your facility? Are they cleaning during business hours or after hours? A facility services provider not cleaning according to reasonable production times ultimately costs you more money and disruption. Learn if your cleaning company is following production rates.

If you asked your potential commercial cleaning companies for production rates (meaning average times it takes to clean your facility) before hiring and they couldn’t give you an answer, don’t be alarmed. Production rates do not have a one-size-fits-all formula.

The amount of time it takes to thoroughly and efficiently clean your building depends on several factors, with building size the most important. Building surfaces, type of facility, frequency and cleaning expectations all go into determining the cleaning time for your facility. You need a thorough clean, but of course, the less time it takes the better.

How is your cleaning company doing? You can ask them for their typical time study or even do your own time study and compare with the time it takes them to clean your building. There are several resources online as well that offer general time studies, but these vary widely based on your specific facility.

If you are in the process of hiring a cleaning company or considering switching, be sure that the commercial cleaning company you choose performs a building walk through before giving you production rates and quotes. Generally, production rates for each task are calculated based on 1,000 square feet and the estimated times are based on averages.

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