Responsiveness to a Pandemic

Responsiveness to a Pandemic

As businesses across America deal with the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting their practice, they continue to make efforts to keep their businesses safe. As some decided to conduct work completely remote, other businesses are finally starting to head back into their offices. Businesses need to prepare when it comes to the risks of going back to work. That means adding cleaning to protocols to ensure safety for everyone at the company. For example, we have developed a “quality control system” to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the clients by the company. This holds our company accountable for our services and practices.

Are you Prepared?

Now that businesses are starting to conduct work in the offices again, some things need to be changed before employee’s head back. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, proper precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of your company:

  • Enforce that every employee wears a mask at all times, even when sitting to do work
  • If your office has desks, position them 6ft from one another and provide plexiglass between each cubicle, if not, ensure that every employee stay 6ft from each other or clients
  • Remind employees to wash hands by adding floor signs leading to the bathroom and provide hand sanitizer to every employee
  • Hire a cleaning service to disinfect your office daily and promote surface cleaning to employees by providing disinfectant wipes
  • Encourage employees to sign up and get the vaccine
  • Prepare in having a plan when it comes to remote working, just in case
  • Making your employees feel comfortable enough to stay home if they feel sick or have any symptoms of the coronavirus
  • Taking temperatures upon arrival at the office
  • Having a daily symptom checklist for employees to identify any signs of coronavirus
  • Offering support to employees who may have been affected by the pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 happens through respiratory droplets, which can be easily transmittable in close quarters. It is going to take everyone to work together and do their part to stop the spread. Taking these precautions as a business will be important to go back and conduct work safely. We will all get through this together.

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