• Responsiveness to a Pandemic

    Responsiveness to a Pandemic

    As businesses across America deal with the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting their practice, they continue to make efforts to keep their businesses safe. As some decided to conduct work completely remote, other businesses are finally starting to head back into their offices. Businesses need to prepare when it comes to the risks of Read more

  • EMIST Spraying and Regular Cleaning – Which is More Important?

    EMIST Spraying and Regular Cleaning – Which is More Important?

    Proper cleaning is more important than ever, especially in large organizations like schools, offices and other businesses. Most business owners are worrying about how to stay open while keeping their staff and/or customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the internet and news flooded with DIY cleaning supplies and this vs. that comparisons,… Read more

  • How is Returning to School Affecting your Facility

    Now more than ever, we have you in mind. As we ease into the not-so-new ‘normal,’ more and more precautions need to be taken so that students can learn and staff can operate without raising the risk of spreading COVID-19. There are a number of steps schools can and should take to stay safe. Some Read more

  • How Social Distancing Impacts Cleaning

    How Social Distancing Impacts Cleaning

    The ongoing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of proper cleaning, and to gain and keep the trust of your occupants, you will need to meet or surpass those standards. Your employees’ and occupants’ health has changed how the commercial cleaning process is done and how seriously it’s taken. Our mission… Read more