The Hottest Commodity: Disinfectant Wipes

Aren’t you glad that you can finally find toilet paper in stores? The mad rush that had everyone scrambling at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic is finally leveling off in that regard. However, disinfectant wipes are a different story. These have remained out of stock on most shelves and even on amazon.

If you think about it, who doesn’t benefit from disinfectant wipes? Not only are they incredibly handy for all kinds of uses at home, but the commercial arena uses them more than ever. Everyone from the airlines to Uber drivers are trying to get their hands on this hot commodity.

If you were hoping to find some Clorox disinfectant wipes soon and before the regular cold and flu season, don’t count on it. The CEO of Clorox, Benno Dorer, confirmed this month that their wipes will not be back in stock at most retailers until 2021! Apparently, it a very complex supply chain to make disinfectant wipes. With the whole supply chain under stress, it is going to take much longer than we would like to meet all of the demand.

The good news is that we at AHI Facility Services, Inc. have a large selection of Personal Protective Equipment for sale! Everything from disinfectant wipes, masks, gloves, face shields, hand sanitizer, and more. Contact us at 903-316-0418 or to place your order.

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