Why Should You Care About Green Cleaning?

Green Cleaning – it’s all the buzz now. What does green cleaning really mean, though, and why should it matter to you or your staff? 

The benefits of green cleaning are many. It is gentler on things like the environment, as well as on the staff that uses the products every day. Occupants of the building that have been cleaned are exposed to less toxic chemicals as well, which is always a positive. It also reduces air, waste and water pollution. 

What is included in green cleaning and makes it worthwhile for everyone involved? It starts with the products that are used to clean. When they are less toxic and wasteful from the raw materials that make them up, through the manufacturing process and onto their recycling and disposal, they make the grade. The vacuums that are used are better when they’re equipped with high performance filters. Micro fiber cloths can ensure the attraction of minute dust particles, and mixing systems take the guesswork and risk out of mixing chemicals. These steps and others help assure that your facility is clean in an environmentally responsible way. 

Companies that want to go a step further and achieve LEED Certification can work with a qualified facilities management company to get there as well. A good one can contribute over 40% of the points necessary for basic certification. A truly top tier one can combine that with operations and management capabilities and self-perform the scope of services necessary to help you achieve LEED-EB certification. Is green cleaning important to your organization?  

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