Winterizing your property

Winterizing your property

Fall is here with winter just around the corner. Even in warmer parts of the country, there are some steps you should take to get your business ready for lower temperatures and more inclement weather.

Your commercial property was a big investment for you, it would be a shame if your property is damaged by something like a change in weather. But across the country, countless properties will suffer from broken pipes, slippery surfaces, and other winter damages. Luckily these incidents can be prevented and avoided with some planning and preparation.

Plan ahead

Planning is key here, many facility services companies will offer winterizing and special cold weather services. Work with your company to see if they offer ice melt or plowing services, even in areas where snow is very rare it’s a good idea to have a plan for the extreme. Discuss pricing ahead of time too, making sure everything works for your business and budget.

Inspect thoroughly

Pipes are one of the biggest concerns come wintertime. An overnight freeze can burst a pipe while no one is even in the building! Making sure all your plumbing is in good working order can prevent a big repair bill later. bad caulking around windows and doors can also cause a draft and lower heating efficiency. Finally, your roof and gutters should be inspected and thoroughly cleaned to get ready for any winter weather that might come your way.

Prepare your irrigation

Irrigation systems are useful but fragile systems. Your landscaping might not need any more water for the rest of winter but you can’t just turn the system off and forget about it. If water sits in the system all winter there’s an extremely high chance it will freeze and cause damage. After the temperatures begin to drop take the time to drain your system entirely. Before restarting your system in the spring you should give it a thorough inspection as well.

Preserving your landscaping

You’ve likely invested a lot into your landscaping, protect that investment by taking some steps before temperatures drop. Sometimes planters need to be moved inside if your want to preserve the plants. Some components may need to be covered to protect them or avoid eye sores. Water features should also be powered off and drained, much like your irrigation system.

Protecting your people.

Your employees and clients are some of the most important assets to your business. If ice is an issue be sure you or your facility services company are putting out ice melt or grit to make things safe. Weather mats should be set out indoors as well to keep everyone safe and protect your floors.

Some things are unavoidable, and the changing of the seasons sets the mold for that concept. But winter weather should have little to no impact on your business operations as long as you plan and put a good plan together before temperatures ever drop!

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