Create a COVID-Free Environment with the Protect98 System

Modern Solutions

Here at AHI Facility Services Inc., your business’s health and safety are our top priorities. We are staying up to date on the most modern and advanced health technologies to bring to our customers in these unprecedented times. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world interacts. Face masks are a requirement in most public spaces, standing in large groups or gatherings is ill-advised, and personal hygiene has never been more important. So how can you take extra precautions to protect your home or those you work with? Inventors and health experts worldwide have been hard at work trying to bring modern solutions to the present-day-pandemic that is the coronavirus. One of these solutions is Info-Motion’s state-of-the-art Protect98 System.

What is the Protect98 System?

AHI is now a proud distributor of the Protect98 System, a device and platform that performs a contactless profile scan to check an individual’s body temperature, facial recognition, and checks for facemasks, ensuring visitors and workers are well and abiding by social distancing rules. Think of this device as the ultimate bouncer at the door, making sure everyone trying to enter your space is complying with the regulations you set. This device can be set up, mounted, and customized to the user’s preferences in a home, vehicle, or in a place of business near the entryways for optimal use and protection. Just connect to WiFi or Ethernet LAN, and you’re ready to go! Mounting options include a wall mount or a height-adjustable floor stand.

Protection98’s Futuristic Features

Checking temperatures upon entry into a public space has become a new societal norm. However, the person taking temperatures is at a higher risk of coming into contact with an infected person. Contactless thermal scanning completely eliminates this issue and more. The Protect98 System uses a 2 MP binocular camera and a display screen to achieve contactless thermal temperature readings. Once an individual has aligned their face with the dotted lines on the display screen, in just two seconds flat, “the Protect98 measures and displays Pass and Fail [readings] with both red or green lights visible 360 degrees”. The individual will either receive a normal temperature reading with a green checkmark and admittance to the building, or an alarm may be programmed to sound if the individual’s temperature is irregularly high or no facemask is detected. 

The protection features of the Protect98 System don’t end there though. With facial recognition technology, unwanted visitors or strangers can be stopped at the door and turned away with the device’s alarms or through your connected control system. Meanwhile, recognized faces will be granted admittance as long as temperature readings are normal. You may be wondering how facial recognition would work if face coverings are required. The Protect98 database can hold up to 30,000 separate images and also has facial recognition built in that is 99.7% accurate. Even when a mask is worn, it is still 95% accurate! The Protect98 System can be used as a “stand alone unit” or if you implement more than one unit, they can all be connected by sharing a network, each unit keeping records of all visitors or employees measured. 

AHI has your healthiest interests at heart. We believe now more than ever, companies and families deserve a cleaning service that cares. Our company believes in quality service and standards of excellence. We are proud to partner with the Protect98 System to continue bringing you safety, consistency, and clean working environments. Please contact us today for more information about the Protect98 System!

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