How cutting-edge innovation impacts your company or facility

How cutting-edge innovation impacts your company or facility

It is no secret that technology is changing the way we do business. From bots to apps and more, there is no industry that could not benefit from using elements of evolving technologies to create efficiencies in their business making services faster, better and even cheaper. Office cleaning, like so many other industries, is an ever evolving, ever advancing field whose modernizations have and will continue to make work easier, more effective, and less stressful.

Cleaning in a COVID-19 world

COVID-19 has put cleaning and disinfection front and center in facility maintenance. While the cleaning industry is crafting new process and implementation strategies, it is paramount to consider the required technology components that will ensure the implementation of those processes to be efficient and effective. Adding that ultimately the goal will be to provide the safest environment for building occupants and providing the required visibility to ensure peace of mind and comfort.

While struggling with cleaning and facility maintenance issues now, everyone is thinking about what is coming after this pandemic is over and how necessary leading edge technology will be to your facility and the safety of your employees or tenants.

In recent years, restroom monitoring technologies were gaining traction, but post-COVID-19 it is critical to have additional tracking and insights across the entire facility. “There are two key tracks to organize the requirements,” Sridharan reveals. “One is looking at it more from areas in a facility like entrance/exit, restrooms, common areas, etc. The second is from a personal perspective, like building occupants, and cleaning staff.”

Whether managing a small or large facility, using smart cleaning services with cutting-edge technology is an option to seriously consider and implement, not just now, but in the future.

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