How Long is Your Cleaning Learning Curve?

How Long is Your Cleaning Learning Curve?

When it comes to facilities services, how long does a company need to be in business to be up to speed with the requirements of your facility? A company that’s been in business for longer isn’t necessarily better, but there are a lot of advances they can make over time spent being in business. Depending on the size of your business and professional cleaning needs, a newer, less experienced cleaning service may work for you. The smaller your company is and less specialised your cleaning needs, the more likely that a younger service will work for you. The reason that more established cleaning service providers provide better services is because of the clearing learning curve. It can take new businesses years to accumulate the knowledge, and certifications, that is needed to properly clean larger and more specified locations. 

When choosing your professional cleaning service, there are several factors to consider:

Time in Business Can Create Experience 

When you have a new cleaning company, it can take a while to get up to date. 

There are many skills which can only be learned through experience. What to do when a world health emergency like coronavirus comes up? A cleaning company who has been around for more years will have gone through other health scares like the SARS (which is actually a type of coronavirus) outbreak of 2003. Having dealt with that, techniques will be in place to handle assisting in the prevention process. In addition, a more established company can guarantee the quality of their workers including that they pass background screenings, and that they’re highly trained and rigorously managed. 

How Quickly Can You Expect a Newly Hired Cleaning Company to be at 100 Percent in a Given Facility? 

It can take a newly hired company, no matter how long they’ve been in business, a little bit to fully understand the unique ins  and outs of your facility. But a company that sticks to a standard of excellence like the CIMS standard has certain requirements it will perform at each facility, regardless of if you ask them to do it, or if it looks like it needs to be cleaned. If a company is well established and up to CIMS standards they should be able to hit the ground running at your facility. 

Certified by CIMS 

Speaking of CIMS, what is it? CIMS stands for Cleaning Industry Management Standard and it is the first comprehensive standard for cleaning service providers.

It is administered by ISSA (The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association) and the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences. Those who select cleaning service providers like facility managers and others can look to CIMS as a standard to help them select their cleaning service provider more confidently. A cleaning business must undergo rigorous testing to be up to the standard of a CIMS qualification, and it takes time to qualify. When you are outsourcing your cleaning, a CIMS certification will help you to know that your selection will be efficacious. 

What Specific Services Do You Need 

The cleaning learning curve also comes into effect with different services. A newer company that performs general cleaning services simply won’t have had time to get up to speed on specialized services like:

  • Ancillary services 
  • Assisted living services 
  • Clean Rooms and Data Centers
  • Educational facility services
  • Green Cleaning
  • Landscaping Services 
  • Medical and Healthcare Services
  • Retail Facility Services 
  • Worship Facilities  

Each of these has its own individual specifications that need time to be properly trained on and to be understood by cleaning service provider employees.

Whatever your professional cleaning needs, don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions!

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