How to Prepare for Natural Disaster/Extreme Weather at Your Facility

How to Prepare for Natural Disaster/Extreme Weather at Your Facility

Severe weather events or natural disasters can sometimes arise, with little to no advanced warning, leaving you unprepared for the potential damage that can occur. Even if you are able to plan ahead there are many safeguards that simply get overlooked until it’s too late.

Here are some precautions you can take to best prepare your management and staff to circumvent any unforeseen destruction. The best way to ensure minimal loss and to cultivate peace of mind in your employees is to prepare for the worst and have a solid plan established in writing. Every business’ plan should be unique to their company’s set up, demands and needs. Once you have a plan in place it is important to make it available for management and staff to review so that your entire team is educated and can successfully work together if, and when, needed.

One of the most important steps is establishing a safe evacuation process. The safety of your employees should be top priority and this also allows everyone to feel comfortable when it’s time to assist in other aspects of preparedness and recovery. Put some thought into whether you will have a backup location to operate from or will your team be equipped to work from home.

You can minimize potential damage to any physical property by identifying structures, products, equipment, inventory and utility services that can accommodate safety and prevention equipment to safeguard them from irreputable damage. Be sure any protection equipment is installed well in advance, tested regularly and in working order.

Your records and data should be protected and secured by installing automatic backups to your computers. If your primary facility were to get damaged, records can still be accessed remotely from whatever location you will temporarily work from. If there are items that need to be physically removed from your building, assign them to a particular person so there is no confusion during evacuation and everyone knows their clear responsibilities.

Experiencing a disaster crisis can be a very stressful event for everyone involved. Communicating with your workforce and customers throughout a disaster will help alleviate the anxiety and assist in a successful response.  

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