Should Holiday Commercial Cleaning Really Be Any Different?

Should Holiday Commercial Cleaning Really Be Any Different?

When it comes to holidays and long weekends, facility cleaning might seem complicated. Do you scale back on cleaning because there are less people in the office? Or amp it up due to holiday treats, parties and flu season? For some businesses, like worship and retail facilities, these special occasions mean higher than normal foot traffic. In these instances, facility managers look to their facility services team to ensure everything is pristine for the large crowds and potential supplemental business. But is additional holiday cleaning really necessary?

We believe that when you have the right professional cleaning company, one that executes high quality cleanings on a consistent basis, special “holiday cleanings” aren’t needed.  

It’s undeniable that a clean facility is of utmost importance, but a quality professional cleaning company will mitigate holiday woes with excellent service – year-round. Not only will this type of consistency help to satisfy customers, but it will benefit the health and comfort of employees. 

So, how can a professional cleaning company, like AHI Facility Services, keep up with holiday excitement before it even begins?

  • Customized Solutions: Each and every facility has cleaning needs unique to their customers, employees and daily operations. The objectives and concerns of a large manufacturing plant compared to an educational facility will vary greatly. Even from one corporate office to another, the right janitorial solutions can look different. At AHI, we design customized cleaning specifications especially for your facility – from staff training, to equipment and scheduling. These specialized plans mean you’re getting exactly the services you need, even around the busiest of holidays. 
  • Quality Control: Unfortunately, the level of service provided by some cleaning companies can differ from one day to the next. This is often the reason why holiday happenings generate such uncertainty. If your cleaning company is not consistently delivering, why wouldn’t you double down in December? At AHI, our customers rest easy knowing that we strive for high-quality, consistent performance. From planning to execution and inspection, our principles were built on quality control. 

While special “holiday cleanings” might seem like the perfect way to alleviate concerns around special occasions, there is a big picture solution.  At AHI, we’re committed to excellence – every single day. Our customized plans, consistent execution and excellent quality control means you can count on us to take care of your professional cleaning needs all year round. 

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