The Importance of Quality Control

The Importance of Quality Control

What good is a janitorial service if cleanliness and health standards are only met sometimes?

One of the most common problems clients run into with their commercial cleaning service is consistency. Standards tend to gradually decline as the services continue and the facility manager is left with a big mess—sometimes literally—or worse, your customers are affected. The only way quality standards will be met consistently is if your janitorial services company has a thorough Quality Control System in place. You want to hire a janitorial service that, “always knows what is being done and how it is being done.

What Does a Good Quality Control System Look Like?

Consistency starts with the employees. You want to make sure you hire a cleaning service with careful employee selection and comprehensive training. The team cleaning your school, store, office or church should be equipped with the latest cleaning supplies and be current on all regulations.

You should have an ongoing line of communication with your janitorial service provider. Any janitorial service provider with a Quality Control plan will regularly visit and conduct inspections, in addition to encouraging inspections by you, the client. The necessary changes found in any inspection should be implemented immediately with obviously measurable improvements.

Recurring problems are a red flag because any company that values customer satisfaction has a Quality Control System in place to protect their customers. If you want to keep your business clean without micromanaging your janitorial service provider, hire a company with a mindset of continually improving and a Quality Control System to prove it.

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