Why Do SDS and MSDS Sheets Matter?

Why Do SDS and MSDS Sheets Matter?

You’ve heard of them, and probably have had to use them, but what exactly makes SDS and MSDS Sheets important? Safety Data Sheets are important because of the fact that they help you, as well as those you work with and work for, enjoy safety in the workplace.

A safety data sheet contains the information you need to help make an informed and accurate risk assessment of a substance you use in your business. These sheets are provided by the suppler, and they then allow you to take steps to assure that using the substance is done safely. Not only are these sheets helpful, they are also required by the federal government. 

Safety data sheets are not only helpful in assuring your staff is safe, they also help assure that your company is using and disposing of them in the right way. Being uninformed may cause you to end up polluting the environment because you don’t know how to get rid of the substance correctly. Using these sheets works to keep you informed and allows you to take steps to avoid pollution or contamination.

Making sure you stay compliant in the workplace helps assure that you stay in business. It also helps protect your staff, other people who use your building, and the community and environment as a whole. It’s easy to see why these sheets matter so much, isn’t it? 

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